Coffee & My Day of Luxury

Last week as an early 25th birthday present to myself, I booked myself a massage at the Four Seasons Baltimore and spent the whole day there, feeling like a queen!

Fun fact, if you spend a certain amount at the spa at the Four Seasons you can spend the entire day at their outdoor pool (only Monday-Thursday though!). So after years of looking out my office window and envying the pool goers at the four seasons I decided to treat myself, take PTO and indulge!

I booked my massage at 9 am so I would be done early and could take full advantage of the pool. I showed up on Wednesday morning, walking into the hotel lobby and already feeling not fancy enough to be in such a beautiful building. I went up to the spa to check in for my massage. The receptionist said he would send out a female staff member to show me the locker room. Once she got there I got a tour of the locker room, heat experience room, relaxation room, I even had my own locker which had a fancy robe for me to wear. Then I changed into my robe, had the greatest massage ever and was ready to take in the pool!

I walked out to the pool, checked in and was asked by a very nice pool attendant “Miss Boyd can I set up a chair for you?” After I selected the chair that I thought would get the most sun (continue reading for why this was probably a bad decision), a towel was laid out on my chair that was nicely tucked so it wouldn’t blow away and a second towel that made a nice head rest.

I then set myself up with my sunglasses and my book and placed an order for a fish taco lunch. I took two naps on my lounge chair that day and drank a $14 grapefruit crush (totally worth it) in between. My water glass was refilled throughout the day without even needing to ask. I sat amongst a New York Yankee and his family. I took a swim in the infinity pool. All in all I lived a luxurious day and would do it again in a heartbeat.

But if, whoops I mean when, I do it again there is one thing I would do differently. And that is: wear sunscreen. I was very set on getting a tan that day, but it was my first full day of sun exposure this summer and I should have known better. I do this to myself every summer. Maybe now that I’m (eeek!) 25, I will be wiser in upcoming summers. I left the four seasons that day with the most epic sun burn I’ve ever had. But I thought “hey I’ve had sun burns bad before, my skin will hurt for a few days but I’ll be fine and it will turn to a tan and I’ll be a summer goddess in no time”. However, to my surprise, it turns out you can actually swell up from sun burn.

On Thursday morning I woke up and had enormous calves! I had to wear dresses to work Thursday and Friday mostly because I thought it would be too painful to pull pants on, but after talking a friend at work I realized my pants probably wouldn’t have fit due to my giant calves. For two days I couldn’t see my knee caps, nor could I flex my calf muscles. It was as if I had never worked out a day in my life. I felt like I was living an episode of my 600lb life. I spent my days before and after work putting lotion all over my body and ice packs on my calves until Saturday morning when I woke up and had calf muscles and knee caps again! I finally felt like I could walk normally and not just waddle about.

If you’re looking for a life lesson to be learned here, I’ve got two big ones for you:

  1. Treat yo self. Spend a day feeling fancy. You deserve it.
  2. Always. ALWAYS. wear sunscreen.

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